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 Law and Order in Balochistan 1st Quarter 2009

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Massive protest rallies against forceful annexation of Baloch land with Pakistan
Quetta: Several Massive protest rallies were held across Balochistan and Karachi against the forceful annexation of Balochistan with Pakistan at gunpoint on 27 March 1948. Baloch Women Panel jointly with BRP. Elum Itehad, Raisani Qaumi Itehad, Baloch Bar Association, Marri Itehad and many other Baloch freedom loving groups held a Massive protest rally in Quetta, Capital of Balochistan.

The rally passing form several main roads of Quetta finally gathered at Manan Chauk Where several leaders of BWP and other organizations addressed the rally. Main focus of all the speakers was that Balochistan was an Independent state and pakistan occupied Balochistan at gunpoint. The then ruler of Balochistan Ahmad Yar Khan was coerced to singe the so called annexation document with Pakistan, however his younger brother Agha Abdul Karim revolted against the forceful annexation of Baloch land. He took to mountains with other like minded friends and started guerrilla operation against Punjabi occupying forces in Balochistan

Today's struggle for Free Balochistan is a continuation of all past patriot Baloch leaders' struggles from Agha Abdul Karim to Shaheed Balach Marri who had laid their lives for the sake of motherland Balochistan and Baloch Nation and paid the ultimate price.

participants of the rally chanted slogans against Pakistan, its army, rulers and the Punjabi establishment. The participants were holding the pictures of young Baloch leaders like Brahumdagh Bugti, Shaheed Balaach Marri, Hyrbair Marri, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and missing persons. They held placards inscribed as "struggle for an Independent Balochistan shall continue" "Long live Baloch National army"" Only solution to Balochistan issue is Independence" "No to Provincial autonomy, we want freedom" " UN must recognize Baloch struggle for Freedom" "Release Baloch political prisoners" etc

The leaders of Baloch groups have rejected the so called reconciliation talks of Zardari. They said that Zardari doesn't have the mandate to resolve Balochistan issue. The new so called democratic govt is also following the foot-prints of former dictator's regime. Baloch student and political activists are still being arrested on daily bases. Army operation is still going on in Balochistan, a large number of army is still present in most areas of Balochistan. Baloch women and children are still being killed and insulted by the Pakistan soldiers. They said while they spoke about the atrocities and injustices of the past, Pakistan army is carrying out yet another offensive operation in Dera Bugti and several areas of Kohistan Marri.

They strongly condemned the abduction of Shahzaib Baloch by Pakistani agencies and demanded his immediate release alongwith many thousands of Baloch missing people.

BWP leaders said that today Baloch are struggling to save their Identity, language and tradition from extinction. Baloch sarmachaars are defending thier mother land against the foreign occupying forces, they are also defending the defenseless people of Balochistan, who are under constant attack from Pakistan's Punjabi army.

They demanded UN intervention and asked the UN to send a fact finding mission to Balochistan in order to investigate about forced disappearances and forced displacements of Baloch people. They further said that UN must recognize the legitimate struggle of Baloch resistance movements against the illegitimate occupation of Baloch land.

BSO (M) and BNP-M held a joint rally in Quetta and demanded for Baloch national rights. Speaking at a rally on Friday, leaders of the Balochistan National Party-M, National Party and Baloch Students’ Organization-M said the economic package announced in Quetta by President Zardari was a mockery of sacrifices made by people like Nawab Akbar Bugti and Nawabzada Balaach Marri. They said the leaders had not sacrificed their lives for ‘some billion rupees’.

The Baloch people were waging a political struggle to achieve national rights and to protect their coast and resources, the speakers said at the Science College Chowk. They said the Baloch had already rejected mega projects launched by former president Pervez Musharraf.

They said Balochistan was rich in natural resources and the Baloch people had a right to use them for their own welfare. ‘We won’t need the president’s economic package if we are allowed to use our resources.’

On the other hand BNF (Baloch National Front), BSO-A, Baloch Human Rights Council and Baloch National movement also held a massive joint protest rally in Liyari area of Karachi.

Speaking at the occasion BNF leaders demanded the immediate release of Baloch political prisoner and missing person. They said several thousand Baloch were either missing or being tortured by Pakistani agencies in different torture cells across Pakistan. They said many thousand Marri and Bugti Baloch have been forcefully displaced from their homes and are now living under extreme condition. The forced displaced Baloch have not been provided any shelter, food and medicine by the govt of time, like the past regimes.

wo killed in landmine blast, blasts jolted Quetta, Sui and Mastung
QUETTA-Two people were killed and two others sustained critical wounds in a landmine blast that occurred in Rabi Canal area of district Nasirabad on Thursday morning, police said. While a gas pipeline was also blown up in district Dera Bugti.

According to sources, unknown people had laid a landmine near Rind Camp, a densely populated locality of Nasirabad which exploded with a big bang killing two persons identified as Nawab Khan and Bakhshu on the spot and leaving two others with critical wounds. The injured were identified as Muhammad Khan and Ahmad Ali.

Meanwhile, a pipeline supplying gas to Sui purification plant from well no 81 was blown up in Dera Bugti.The sources, said that unknown armed men had fitted explosive device with a gas pipeline that exploded and destroyed a portion of pipeline suspending gas supply to Sui purification plant.

Meanwhile, unknown armed motorcyclists hurled a hand grenade on a house owned by Nasir Ahmad Khan at Samungli Road. The hand grenade hit the wall and fell on the road with a huge explosion smashing windowpanes of the nearby buildings. However, no loss of life was reported in the blast.

There are also reports that a hand grenade was hurled in a Punjabi settler's house in Mastung. No loss of life have been reported.

saparetly an eletric paylon was distroyed in Hazarganji area of Quetta. Sarbaaz Baloch spokesman of BRA claimed responsibility for the all the incidents above, befhalf of his organization Baloch Republican Army.

BSO (azaad) shal zonal president abducted by pak-agencies
Quetta: Baloch Warna Balochistan correspondent reported that BOS (azaad) Shal zonal president Mr Shahzaib Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan agencies in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to details Mr Shahzaib was on his way back to home after dropping a friend at his place. His car was stopped on the way and he was dragged out of his car by five people all in civilian clothes, put into another car and driven away to an unknown location.

Baloch Students and BRP activists have blocked the roads in several areas of Quetta city and protested for several hours. Traffic was suspended for many hours in some part of the city.

BSO -azaad (women wing) also blocked the road near Balochistan university and held a protest rally Speaking on the occasion BSO (azaad) activists asked for the immediate release of Mr Shahzaib. Speaker said this is a continuations of abductions of innocent Baloch people by the Pakistani agencies. On one hand the new govt talks of reconciliation, on the other hand they are continuing the policies of the Musharraf regime by abducting and killing Baloch people. They further stated that the agencies cannot stop the Baloch struggle for independence by kidnapping our activists.

2 gas pipelines blown up in Sui
Baloch freedom fighters on Wednesday blew up two gas pipelines in Sui and Dera Bugti. Baloch Sarmachars planted explosives under the pipeline that damaged a portion of the pipeline, affecting gas supply to parts of the Sindh province and Sui Power Plant.

According to details an 18-inch gas pipeline was blown up at Pir koh, due to powerful blast gas supply to Sui plant was cut off. In second incident a 16-inch pipeline was blown up near Deenari Pat. Gas supply to parts of Sindh including Karachi was suspended due to the explosion

Separately, three men were injured in a landmine explosion near Goth Muhammad Omar in Dera Murad Jamali on Wednesday. The injured were rushed to Civil Hospital

Continuation of Repression Highlighted at UN
Geneva: Alongside the 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), UNPO and Interfaith International organized a briefing on the deteriorating human rights situation in Pakistani Balochistan.

As part of the efforts to highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in Pakistani controlled Balochistan, Interfaith International, in cooperation with UNPO, organized an interactive debate alongside the 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC).

Main participants to this event included representatives of the Baloch people, representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), Member of the European Parliament Mr. Casaca, Member of the Canadian Parliament Mr. Silva, representatives of the Sindh community in Pakistan, as well as a spokesperson of Iranian controlled Balochistan.

Dr. Charles Graves, Director of Interfaith International, opened the meeting by giving a brief account of where the Baloch people are located, who these peoples are and then in further detail outlines the conflict that Pakistani controlled Balochistan has with the Pakistani government. Dr. Graves also outlined the economic repression of the Baloch community and particularly the lack of revenues that the Baloch community gets from the natural resources which are extracted from their territory.

It was Senator Sanaullah Baloch who provided the attendees with a detailed account of the history of Balochistan, which is seen as the source of the conflict with the government of Pakistan. Furthermore, Senator Baloch highlighted various areas in which the human rights of the Baloch are blatantly ignored, including a number of civil and political rights, as well as Social, Economic and Cultural rights.

Detailed statistics evidently supported claims of ongoing repression of the Baloch community and showed a pattern of systematic underdevelopment of the region, particularly in the fields of education.

UNPO United Nations Coordinator, Ms. Agnes Venema, briefly highlighted the international obligations of Pakistan as a signatory to several international treaties. Though highlighting the efforts made by the new government of Pakistan, which recently signed onto the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, she highlighted that signing a document does not yet constitute ratification, which can take up to years. Furthermore, Ms. Venema expressed skepticism in terms of those who are allegedly responsible for human rights violations being brought to justice. A culture of impunity prevails in Pakistan and even publicly committing oneself to international instruments put in place to protect the human rights of all cannot guarantee that those rights are being implemented as long as such a culture of impunity is being sustained.

Mr. Mehram Baluch, being one of the first Baloch to come to the United Nations in 2001 to highlight the Baloch plight, was proud to be able to speak at the event, despite intimidation suffered at the hands of the Pakistani government. He gave detailed account of how far the Baloch have come in the past decade and welcomed the fact that so many had come to attend an event which aimed at providing more information on the current and ever deteriorating situation of the Baloch in Pakistan.

Not only members of the Baloch community took the floor. Mr. Peter Stania, Director of the International Institute for Peace in Vienna also took the opportunity to speak at the event. He echoed some of the remarks made before and emphasized that peaceful means are to be deployed in order to overcome the violations suffered in Pakistan.

Hon. Mario Silva, Member of the Canadian Parliament and shadow foreign affairs critic also took up some moments to highlight the fact that the West cannot ignore this issue and that immediate action is needed.

Furthermore, the Honorable Paulo Casaca, Portuguese Member of the European Parliament for the Socialist Group had also taken the time to comment on the human rights situation of the Balcoh. Being the Vice-chair of the South Asia Peace Forum, he emphasized the efforts that have been taken to look for a sustainable resolution to this conflict. He added, however, that the highest right in his opinion was the right to an identity, including the right to a language and a culture.

UNPO Representative for Balochistan, Mr. Noordin Mengal, gave testimony of the repeated military operations that have been launched by the Pakistani government in Balochistan. He added that the government and the army of Pakistan could kill the Baloch, but that they will not be able to kill the ideas of a people.

As a painful reminder of the harsh conditions that the Baloch live under on a daily basis, Mr. Munir Mengal, gave a detailed record of the conditions of him enforced disappearance. After launching a Baloch tv chanel, Mr. Mengal was detained at the hands of the Pakistani military and tortured. Throughout his detailed account, he emphasized the repressive nature of the Pakistani military towards to Baloch. Mr. Mengal was fortunately released after which his testimony was recorded by the International Committee for the Red Cross, though he will remain scared for life.

On behalf of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Mr. Neil Gilmore, temporary Pakistan desk officer, gave an account of the activities of the OHCHR in relation to Balochistan. He recalled the letters of allegation that the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances had send to Pakistan and the fact that this information had also be relayed to the Human Right Council in its latest report. Furthermore, he highlighted the joint efforts of a number of Special Procedures Mandate Holders who had prepared communications and letters of allegation which attempted at retrieving the truth about these alleged victims of human rights abuses at the hands of the Pakistani regime. Furthermore, Mr. Gilmore agreed to accept a memorandum on behalf of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), Interfaith International, Baloch Human Rights Council and the Sindhi Baloch Forum calling for increased international pressure on Pakistan to improve the human rights situation in Balochistan.

As a last speaker, Mr. Luhana of the World Sindhi Congress expressed his support to the Baloch cause. Suffering from similar human rights abuses, the Sindh feel closely related to the struggle for human rights of their Baloch neighbours. He appealed to the international community to step in and increase support to those who continue to struggle for their human rights.

Before closure of the meeting, Mr. Mehram Baluch once more reiterated the appeal that UNPO on behalf of its Baloch members has published. He pleaded for the safe return of UNHCR employee Mr. John Solecki who had been abducted by, what Mr. Baluch called “foolish Baloch who saw no other way out”. He appealed directly to them, stating that the UN is listening. Proof of this is the fact that the meeting was attended by numerous UN members of staff. Mr. Baluch appealed for his safe return and pleaded against such acts of utter desperation. The appeal publically welcomed by the representatives of the UNHCR, who pledged to forward the message to the Secretariat.
Source: http://www.unpo.org/content/view/9409/85/

Attacks on security forces continue, head constable killed in Qalat
Baloch Freedom fighters attacked an FC camp with rocket launcher and other automatic weapon, in Dash Goran area of Dera Bugti. One Pakistani soldier was killed and four injured in the attack.

In another incident two rockets were fired on a Police station in Makatali Math area of Sui. Wall of the police station was heavily damaged in the attack but no loss of life has been reported.

Six Pakistani security personal were reported injured in a separate incident in Kachi Kanel area. according details Baloch Freedom Fighter of BRA ambushed the FC team when they were patrolling in the area. Due the intensive attack the FC vehicle was destroyed and six Pakistani soldiers were injured.

Mr Sarbaaz Baloch claimed responsibility of the attacks and said that he rejects the govt claims about destroying the militants camps, killing and arrest of Baloch Freedom Fighter in Dera Bugti area. He however said that only one Baloch Freedom Fighter received martyrdom and 4 other injured but no one has been arrest by Pakistani army.

He said the Pakistani paramilitary forces are targeting civilians in the area and several unarmed and defenseless residents have been arrested and taken to undisclosed locations. He said that FC IG is just making up statements to get promoted.

Meanwhile a police head constable had been shot dead in Qalat city. according to media reports the police officer Zahoor Shah was standing outside his house, when three motorcyclists open fire on him. The official died at the spot.

Another Baloch organization Lashkar-e-Balochistan claimed responsibility blowing up a railway track in Almo Chaok area of Quetta Balochistan, spokesman Lavang Khan informed the reporters about this attack.

Mp>Pakistani army on the other is carrying out the military operation in several area of Dera Bugti and Sui, several person have been arrested on the fourth day of operation. There are also reports of a house -to - house search operation in Wadh Balochistan. However no arrests were made until the filling of the report.

Bomb blasts and rocket attacks in several areas of Balochistan
Balochistan: Bomb blasts and rockets attacks on Pakistani security forces were reported from different areas of Balochistan including Khuzdar, Wadh, Turbat, Qalat and Sui.

In first incident three rockets were fired on an FC Camp in Wazhay area of Wadh. The rockets missed the target and landed in an open feild. No loss of life or damage to any property have been reported.

However According to daily Asaap news papers Lashkar-e-Balochistan claimed responsibility for the attack and said that several Pakistani security personal were killed in the attack. The spokesperson for the organization Lavang Baloch said that attack the was a reaction against the continues army operations in Balochistan, he said his organization will carry out further such attack against occupying forces in Balochistan.

Baloch resistance Movement BLA said that their fighters attack an FC camp in Khuzdar, however no loss of life was reported. In another attack Baloch Freedom Fighters targeted a truck loaded with Marble. The Baloch Fighters said they attacked the truck because it was taking Balochistan's natural resources out of Balochistan. BLA spokesperson Bivragh Baloch also claimed the responsibility for killing Qudoos Mengal. Mr Baloch said they had warned those who are working against the National interest of Balochistan to stop collaborating with Pakistani army and agencies. Anyone who doesn't stop working against Baloch cause will suffer the same fate as Qudoos Mengal, reported daily Asaap.

A mobile phone tower was blown up in Mashkay area of Qalat. according to details several hand grenades were hurled on a mobile phone tower which exploded with a big bang and heavily damaged the tower. The blast was so intense that it was heard almost in all over city.

Another powerful bomb exploded near a Police station in Sui. No damage or loss of life have been reported.

A bomb went off in Salalah Bazar in Turbat killing one settler and injured another. according to details a power ful bomb went off near Salalah Bazar in Turbat area of Haji Iqbal Kalooni, the apparent target of the blast was two settlers who had come from Sahiwal (Punjab). Aamir Masih was killed at the spot and his friend Waqas injured seriously. The injured was shifted to hospital.

A Hand grenade was hurled into a bakery in Gwader airport road area. The shop owner was injured due to powerful explosion. according to details two motorcyclists hurled a grenade into "gull Makaran bakery" in airport road area of Gwader. The shop owner was injured and the bakery heavily damaged. The shop owner is believed to be from Punjab.

According local sources and media reports foreign settler residents have been targeted in several other places in Kech, Makaran areas. There is a sense of uncertainty and harassment among the Punjabi rattlers in Balochistan as the attacks continue.

Conference and protest in Geneva against occupation of Balochistan
Geneva: Interfaith international with the collaboration of UNPO, Baloch Human Rights Council, World Sindhi Congress, Sindhi Baloch Forum and Balochistan Rights Movement held a peaceful protest rally against the Pakistani and Iranian state terrorism and brutalities in Balochistan, on Friday 20 March 2009 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. The protest was held in front of the United Nations office in Geneva Switzerland. The slogans on the placards high lighted various aspects of human right violation of the Baloch by the Pakistani and Iranian States.

A conference on Human Rights situation in Balochistan was also held in the UN conference room at 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, chaired by interfaith international president Mr. Charles Graves.

Sana Baloch presented a detailed graphic accounts of injustices, atrocities, human rights violations, political, social deprivations, abduction & extra judicial killing of Baloch civilians including women & children, Target killing of Baloch leaders and Baloch intellectuals by Pakistani State. The presentation exposed both Pakistani and Iranian state’s brutalities on the Baloch people on both sides of the Goldsmid Line.
Mehran Baloch of Balochistan Human Rights Movement stated that 61 years of slavery & occupation of Pakistan has given Baloch no other option but to demand and gets its Freedom. A free & sovereign Balochistan is the demand of Baloch nation, United Nations and international community should support the genuine Baloch demand for freedom of Balochistan.

Noordin Mengal spoke of Pakistani state terrorism and target killing of Baloch leadership and abduction of Baloch civilian by state agencies. He warned that the Baloch had suffered a lot in the hands of Pakistani & Iranian states and time has come for the Baloch to get their independent state Balochistan. He said he has trust and faith in international community who will appreciate and support the legitimate right of the Baloch nation for freedom.

Munir Mengal spoke of his ordeal in Pakistani torture cell. He said he was abducted by the Pakistani secret agencies. He said his only crime was that he had publicly announced that he wanted to launch a Balochi TV. He gave a graphic detailed of tortures that he has faced during his solitary confinement including the ordeal of MS. Zarrina Marri.

The president of United Nations Human Rights Commission for Pakistan desk spoke to the conference and clearly confirmed that there are gross human rights violations happening in Balochistan by Pakistani security agencies. He read a lengthy account of Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan and assured the conference and Baloch people that United Nations is aware of the sufferings of Baloch people. He said that they are pressurizing Pakistan to stop these atrocities and human rights violations happing in Balochistan

Dr. Lakhu Luhana of World Sindhi Congress expressed his nation’s solidarity with Baloch people and said it is Sind and Balochistan’s resources which are generating money to Pakistan’s economy. He drew the international community’s attention to the heinous crimes committed by Pakistani state against humanity in both Balochistan and in Sindh and warned that the same enemy has also knocked at the doors of international community. Pakistan & its security agencies are not only a danger for Baloch & Sindhis but also a threat for the peace & security of the region and as well as for the international community. It is time that international community should commit itself in supporting the genuine & legitimate rights of Sindh and Balochistan for self determination according UN charter.

The representative of UNPO, the representatives of European Union South Asian Group, minister from the Canadian government, Peace and Nationality representative of Austria, United Nations High commissioner for Refugees and many other members of The United Nations Human Rights Council and NGOs from Europe expressed their opinion and shared their sympathies with the Baloch nation and pledged their support for their demand of self determination according UN charters .

It is worth noting that for the first time the delegates of different Baloch Organizations from Europe, Scandinavia and other parts of the world attended the Geneva protest and Baloch conference. Those who participated were Mr. Nasser Mohtashami, Rahim Baloch, Abdulla Baloch, Iqbal Baloch, Mir Ghulam Hussain Baloch, Jamshed Amiri, Saeed Baloch, Sadiech Baloch, Dur Mohd Baloch, Abdulla Hossainbor and Samad Baloch were among the Baloch participants. The Main organizers of the protest rally and the conference in Geneva were the interfaith international, representative of UNPO and Noordin Mengal.

A memorandum to the president of United Nations Human Rights Council is handed over on behalf of of the interfaith international, UNPO, Baloch Human Rights Council, World Sindhi Congress, Sindhi Baloch forum. A copy of the memorandum is attached with.

At the end of the conference an appeal was launched on behalf of the participants of the conference, and the Baloch representatives for the safe release of UNHCR representative Mr. John Solicky.

Issued by:
Samad Baloch
Secretary General
Baloch Human Rights Council London, Dated: 23-03-09

Clashes in Sui and Khuzdar kill two and hurt six
QUETTA: Two persons, including an official of Frontier Works Organization, were killed and 6 injured in firing and bomb explosion in Khuzdar and Rabi canal area of Sui tehsil, on Sunday.

The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has also claimed it launched an attack on security forces in Uch gas field area in which three security personnel were killed.

According to sources, unknown people planted a bomb at Chattar road in Rabi canal area of Sui tehsil and detonated it remotely, targeting a pro-government Wadera, Mazar Khan, who was traveling in a vehicle. As a result of the powerful explosion a vehicle passing through the area was blown up, resulting in the death of on person, Mohammad Nawaz, on the spot and injuries to four others.
Soon after the blast personnel of security forces rushed to the site and removed the injured and body to civil hospital Dera Murad Jamali.

In another incident that took place in Khuzdar Bazar, an official of Frontier Works Organization was killed and two others injured when unknown armed men opened indiscriminate fire on the vehicle in which they were traveling.
The injured were immediately shifted to civil hospital. After firing the assailant escaped from the scene. Police has registered a case against unknown people and started investigation.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of BRA, Sarbaz Baloch has claimed that three security personnel including two officers were killed and 6 other injured in a remote control blast. Calling from unknown place he informed media men that after the blast a militant was also killed and 2 injured in the armed clash with security personnel.

BRA killed Eight pakistani soldiers
Balochistan: According to daily tawar Newspaper Pakistani army has continued the offensive army operation for the third day. Paramilitary forces are using heavey weapons and gunships helicopters against innocent civilians, two people have been killed on Saturday's shelling by Pakistani army in Dera Bugti. One FC personal was also injured when their pick up ran over a landmine.

Meanwhile Sarbaaz Baloch a spokesperson for BRA called news agencies and informed them that Baloch Sarmachaars have blown up two FC viheacles in Chakar Plaiji near border area of Dera Bugti. 8 security forces have been killed, several injured and both the viheacle were compeletly distroyed in the remote controlled explosion. Sarbaaz Baloch said that after the attack feirce fighting continued between Baloch Sarmachaars and the Pakistani FC for two hours.

FC continued shelling on civilians populations instead of fighting with the Baloch Freedom Fighters. Due to indiscriminate bombing situation remains tense in Dera Bugti and many locals are forced leave the area once again.
BRA claimed responsibility for the attack and killings the Pakistani security personals.

Pakistani army launched an offensive operation in Dera Bugti, 15 innocent Baloch women and children killed
Dera Bugti: According to different sources from Balochistan and the local press has reported, Pakistani military Forces have launched a new preplanned heavy military offensive using tanks, gunship helicopters and heavy artillery.

fifteen people mostly women and children have been killed in this latest military operation, while the operation still continues death toll might increase. The military and FC have deliberately burnt standing corps and huts in civilian populated area. People of Dera Bugti are once again forced to live under extreme conditions.

However Sher Mohammad Bugti a spokesperson for BRP said that 65 people have been killed and many more injured due indiscriminate bombing in Dera Bugti area and many locals have been arrested and taken to undisclosed locations.

Pakistani Security forces are carrying out the operation in Rustam Darbar, Suhri Darbar, Matt, Khatan, Shahden, ARD 23, Gazzi Kaur, Chattar, Kulji, Ghori and Joder areas. Forces are using gunship helicopters and heaving weapons due to which heavy toll on live stocks hundreds of goats and sheep were killed as well. People in the above mentioned areas of Dera Bugti are once again under siege and constant attacks from Pakistani armed forces. Some fighting has also been reported in different parts of Marri area of Balochistan.

Meanwhile on the appeal of Baloch Republican Party complete shutter-down strike was observed in most major cities in Balochistan including Kharan, Khuzdar, Mashkay, Punjgur, Mastung, Turbat and Kalat. Partial shutter-down strike was observed in Quetta. This protest was called against forced-disappearances and abduction of Baloch youth from all over Balochistan.

2 FC men missing in Dera Bugti
QUETTA: The Frontier Corps (FC) on Wednesday started efforts to locate two FC personnel missing in Sui since Tuesday night, an FC press release said. It said the two personnel went missing while patrolling along gas pipelines in Kachhi Canal area of Dera Bugti district’s Sui tehsil. Baloch militants might have abducted the personnel, the press release said. It said efforts were underway for the safe recovery of the missing personnel.

4th death anniversary of Dera Bugti martyrs observed
QUETTA: The 4th death anniversary of Dera Bugti martyrs was observed by various political parties and citizens alike as they held public meetings honoring the sacrifices of the martyred and renewing commitment to the Baloch cause.

Jamhoori Watan Party (Aali faction) activists staged a rally outside the press club on Tuesday as speakers paid rich tributes to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to resist the security forces’ attack on Dera Bugti on March 17, 2005 and vowed that the party led by Nawabzada Mir Aali Bugti would continue the struggle to accomplish the mission of founder of JWP, Nawab Akbar Bugti, to protect the rights of Balochistan.

Mir Muhammad Saleem Muhdshai, Lala Khan Bugti, Mir Khalil Lango, Elahi Bakhsh Shahwani, Mir Dostan Domki and others addressed the gathering.

They lauded the heroic resistance of the Bugti tribesmen and the founder of the party Nawab Bugti for defending the town against the brutal action of security forces and maintained that the martyrs sacrificed their lives, rather than surrendering to the attackers, to protect the coast and resources of the Baloch people.

Speakers asserted that the last five years of military operations had failed to suppress the Baloch national movement and stated that the JWP would continue the struggle against the usurpers that have been looting the resources of Balochistan.

Hairbyar expresses concern for Solecki, missing persons
QUETTA: Baloch nationalist leader, Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri has expressed deep concern over the news about deteriorating health condition of John Solecki, the UNHCR Quetta chief, and said that he has constituted a committee to review the list of missing Baloch people.

In a statement issued from London late on Monday night he said, ‘Baloch is a human friendly nation and it would not want loss of human life.

He said that he was constantly in contact with United Nations, and the organization had assured him it was serious in the recovery of missing people. ‘I and United Nations have deep concern about the deteriorating health of John Solecki,’ said Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri, adding that he had once again been approached by the UN.

Regarding the missing persons, Marri said: ‘I have formed a committee comprising of like-minded friends in Balochistan to review the list of missing people. Committee starts its job from Tuesday (today).

However, he accused the concerned government agencies for using delay tactics in releasing and producing the arrested and missing Baloch people deliberately to prolong the issue.

Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) has given 48 hours new deadline for meeting their demands and warned that if anything happened to John Solecki the United Nation and government wouold be responsible for it. BLUF had handed over a list of 1109 missing Baloch people, including 141 women, demanding their release.

DCO’s guard gunned down in Quetta
QUETTA: Baloch Freedom fighters fired two rockets in thesil Awaran while in another incident of shooting, a guard of DCO was gunned down.

According to sources Baloch freedom fighters fired two rockets in tehsil Awaran here which hit a Frontier Corps camp while other targeted DCO house. Besides, militants also opened fire at DCO house killing his guard Haider Khan.

BLUF gives fresh ultimatum of another 48 hrs to UN about John Solecki
QUETTA: Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) has again extended a deadline of 48 hours and warned that if something happen to the abducted UNHCR representative, John Solecki who suffers cardiac problems, then the entire responsibility will fall on government.

In a satellite telephonic contact, the BLUF Spokesman, Shehak Baloch told Online that they had conveyed their demands to the government, which include the recovery of 1109 missing persons and release of 141 women.

"But government neither fulfilled our demands nor it has taken us into confidence. We had also shown confidence on arbitrations of Nawabzada Hairbayar Marri but UN seems non-serious for the release of John Solecki" he maintained.

He said that the health condition of John Solecki was not well and he suffered from cardiac disease. They stressed upon the UN to play their role for the fulfillment of their demands otherwise, "We will not take any responsibility in this connection".

Security forces firing two injured, rockets fired in Sui
KHUZDAR: Baloch militants fired four rockets in Sui which landed in the open place while a blast occurred near convoy of Security Forces, two person including a four year boy injured by FC firing.

In the first incident, Baloch militants fired four rockets from nearby mountains in Sui. No loss of life was reported in the incident.

In another incident, a bomb blast occurred with big bang while a convoy of of Security Forces was passing from the Khatan area in Khuzdar, however, no loss of life was reported in the blast. Wall of a house near by was demolished by the blast and windows pans of nearby shops were shattered.

The security forces after the blast opened firing injured two persons including a four year old child Arshad Ahmad Mosyani and another youth Hafiz Mohammad Ismael Mosyasi. Both the injured were sitting in thier shop when they came under indiscriminate firing from the FC.

Baloch Nationalist parties strongly condemn the FC for firing on innocent civilians. They termed the incident of firing as gross human rights violation and demanded that the responsible officials must be broght to justice and punished. Baloch leaders also called upon the UN to take notice of such incidents of civilians killing by the Pakistani armed forces.

Gas pipelines blown up in Sui & Quetta, two killed in Quetta firing
Quetta: A pipeline supplying gas to the Sui Purification Plant was blown up on Saturday, police said. They said unidentified men blew up an 16-inch (in diameter) portion of the pipeline. Gas supply to the Loti plant was suspended.

According to daily Tawar newspaper Sarbaaz Baloch of BRA called the news agencies in Balochistan and informed them that BRA fighters have blown up a 10-inch gas pipeline in Zain Koh area of Dera Bugti. This pipeline was situated between gas well No 10 and Loti gas field.

Another gas pipeline was blown up in Killi Qambarani area of Quetta, which resulted the suspension of gas to surrounding areas. according reports Baloch militants put explosive material under the pipeline, which exploded with a big band. The blast created panic among the residents.

Two people were killed and one injured as unknown militants opened indiscriminate fire at a van on Saryab road in Quetta

According to sources, unidentified militants riding a car opened indiscriminate fire at a van, bound to Jacobabad from Quetta, near Gahi Kahn Chowk on Saryab road, killing two persons Niaz Muhammad and Kamal Khan and leaving one person (Abdun Nabi) injured.

Injured Abdun Nabi and dead bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital where injured was provided medical care, Edhi sources said.

Security official killed, 3 injured in explosions in Dera Murad Jamali
DERA MURAD JAMALI: According to sources two police personal were patrolling in Rabi Canal area in Dera Murad Jamali when their motorbike was targeted by a remote controlled blast on Wednesday. As a result of the blast head constable Moahmmad Asghar was killed and constable Khadim Hussian injured seriously.

Meanwhile, Nobat Khan and Muhammad Ismaeel sustained severe injuries in a landmine explosion in Goth Muhammad Ismaeel. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital where their condition was reported to be stable.

Independent sources informed BalochWarna that there is a full-scale army operation going on in different Areas of Dera Murad Jamali. A Baloch student said that he has seen dozens of security forces trucks moving around in the area where he resides, several Baloch have been arrested and taken to undisclosed locations

British Crown prosecution service decided to drop pending charges against Hyrbair Marri
London: Sardarzada Hyrbair Marri’s legal team informed him that there will be no retrial and Crown prosecution service has decided to drop pending charges against Mr Marri. Hyrbair Marri is now formally acquitted from all 5 accounts of terrorism.

Hyrbair Marri and Faiz Baluch were arrested on 4th December 2007. Both have spent time in London’s high security prison Belmarsh. Although they were granted bail eventually but strict restrictions were imposed on them. They were not allowed to take part in any meetings regarding Balochistan issue, were not allowed to give any newspaper interviews or statement and were not allowed to speak to any individual in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Balochistan.

Both Mr Marri and Baluch had to wear a tag, had to report to a police station everyday and were not allowed to leave their houses from 11pm - 7 am.

This is a victory for entire Baloch Nation and for all free-born people. BalochWarna would like to congratulate Sardarza Hyrbair Marri and The Baloch Nation for this Victory.

Gas pipeline blown up in Pirkoh, two killed in Chamaling
Dera Bugti/Chamalang : Baloch Fighters attacked a caravan of trucks carring Coal to Punjab. Drivers Fazal Rahman and Para din both residents of Zhob were killed and two others Haji Raza Khan and Umran were injured when their trucks came under heavy fire from Baloch militants.

In Loti, area of Sui Baloch Freedom Fighters placed an explosive device under a pipeline connecting many gas wells to the Pir Koh gas plant and blew it up in the early hours of Sunday.

According to reports, Baloch militants planted explosive material alongside with a 16-inch gas pipeline supplying gas to plant from Pirkoh. The blast damaged the pipeline and the supply of gas to the plant was suspended.

Many areas of southern Punjab and NWFP have also been left without gas supply as a result of the attack on the pipeline.

Meanwhile, armed men attacked Sui gas field, firing rockets from mountains. However, none of the rockets could reach the target and exploded in open areas.‘Gas field is safe and rockets landed away from the area

In another incident, Baloch militants fired three rockets on Goth Northern Bugti, a village in the area of Jafferabad, however, no loss of life was reported.

According to information, three rockets were fired in the area of RD-238 which were landed in a open place and exploded with big bang

In a separate incident a Punjabi settler Khalil Ahmad was shot dead near Fida Shaheed Chauk in Turbat. according to details unknown motorcyclists open fire on a Punjabi settler resident of Cheecha Watni (punjab)on Sunday night around 9 pm near Fida Shaheed Chauk. Mr Khalil Ahmad had a small business of fast food in the above named area.

Six Pakistani soldiers killed in Sui
Quett: Baloch freedom Fighters of BRA claimed that they have attacked a Pakistani army base in Sui Balochistan. Six Pakistani soldiers have been killed, many injured and three army Vehicles completely destroy. BRA spokesperson Mr. Sarbaaz Baloch called many newspaper offices and claimed responsibility for the attack.

Sarbaaz Baloch said that this attack was a reaction against the arrest of many Baloch youth on 21 February from different areas of Balochistan, six innocent Baloch youth were later shot dead in cold blood by the Pakistani army, and their bodies were thrown in mountainous areas of Noshki and Pashin by helicopters.

In addition BRA has blown up a 24 inch gas pipeline to Punjab near geraaj area of Mazari goath. Sarbaz Baloch reminded that on one had the current govt doesn't get tired of talking about reconciliation, on the other hand they are killing innocent Baloch and humiliating their bodies.

Another previously little known Baloch organisation Laskar-e-Balochistan claimed reponsibility for blowing up an electric tower in Saman Tang area of Khuzdar district, Spokesman Mr.Lavang Khan Baloch also claimed responsibility of disteroying an under construction police station in Dalbandin Balochistan.

London UN representitative met Hyrbair Marri, Nawab Marri appeals for extension in deadline given by BLUF

London: UN representative visited Hyrbair Marri in London and sought his help for Mr Solecki Liberation

London: chief, Field safety section representative of the United Nation on Wednesday met Sardarzada Hyrbair Marri in London from Geneva and asked him to use his influence for recovery of UN representative John Solecki who was abducted in Quetta on February 2 last.

The UNHCR representative Mr Paul Stromberg told Mr Marri that the United Nation has approached the Pakistani govt at the highest level. The list of 1100 missing Baloch political activists have been given to the concern Pakistani authorities. UN will continue to follow up the issue of disappeared in Balochistan. Mr Stromberg said that soon there will be a public news release by the UN on the issue of IDPs and the forced-disappearances in Balochistan

He told Mr Marri that efforts are being made to constitute a committee, which could take up the matter with concern Pakistani authorities. He said that the UN is taking the deadline seriously and we are very concerned about the health and liberation of Mr Solecki.

Mr. Marri in the end shared his suggestions and concerned with the UN Representative and said Pakistani govt has started blame game. After john's abduction the Pakistani army have started to arrest and kill innocent people everywhere in Balochistan. "Only yesterday two innocent Baloch were killed in cold blood by the FC in Mach, this approach of Pakistani govt is wrong. This is like adding fuel to fire. He said".

UN Representative said that he wish to either meet to speak to Mr Marri soon again to discuss the situation and will inform him of any progress made regarding this Matter.

After the meeting Mr Hyrbair Marri appealed to BLUF that they should give one more chance to the authorities to look into their demands. He requested the Baloch Organization (BLUF)to extend the given deadline, so that matter can be resolved by the way of negotiation.

Open in new windowNawab Marri appeals for extension in deadline given by BLUF

QUETTA: Veteran Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri has appealed to Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) to further extend their deadline for killing John Solecki.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that the deadline should be further extended so that United Nations gets more time to resolve the demands presented by BLUF.

Nawab Marri said that the UN is not a party in the war between the Baloch nation and the Pakistani state. He said that the UN can play an important role in resolving the long standing issues of the Baloch nation in accordance with Geneva Convention..

Two gas pipelines blown up in Quetta, BRA claimes responsibility for blasts

Quetta: Baloch Freedom Fighters of BRA have bown up two gas pipelines in Kerani area of Quetta city. according to details baloch militants has put explosive devices under gas pipelines in Kirani and Samangali road areas. The exploded with a big bang and ripped a big portion of gas pipeline. Gas supply has been suspended to the surrounding areas.

Sarbaz Baloch a spokesperson for BRA has called different news agencies and claimed responsibility for blowing up the gas pipelines.

Meanwhile Lavang Khan Baloch a spokesperson for Lashker-e-Balochistan also called local newspaper office and informed them that his organization claims responsibility for hurling grenades into a bakery in Kharan which inured two people including a police officer.


UN officials to meet Hyrbair Marri in London

London: UN has contacted Hyrbair Marri and appealed him to play his role to secure the release of UN official Mr Solecki. The UN representatives are expected to meet Mr Marri on Wednesday in London. Mr Marri has made it clear that the pakistani govt or people in govt like IG FC Saleem Nawaz are directly blaming Brahumdagh bugti and other Baloch leaders for Mr Solecki's abduction. If the UN also blame Brahumdagh Bugti or any other Baloch leader for Jhon Solecki's abduction, then in such circumstances he cannot mediate.

UN officials assured Mr Marri that they do not believe in IG FC's statement and do not blame Brahumdagh or any other Baloch leader. The UN is aware of the situation in Balochistan. "UN has only contacted you (Hyrbair Marri) because we regard you as a Baloch leader and a representative of Baloch people exile". The demands of Baloch Organization (BLUF) have been passed on to Pakistani authorities and they have been asked to secure the release of Baloch political prisoners.

Rocket attack on Army post in Dera Bugti, Railway track blown up in Noshki

Dera Bugti: Baloch Sarmachars fired a rocket on Pakistani army post in Peer Koh area of Dera Bugti. however the rocket missed the target and landed in open area. which resulted no casuality.

Meanwhile Baloch Sarmachars blown up a railway track at Machi landi in Keshangi area of Noshki. which suspended the Pakistan railway service from Quetta to Iran.

According to sources huge portion of track ruptured due to explosion. which resulted suspension of Pakistan railway service. a bomb blast was also reported near keshangi station. however no casuality has been reported so far.

Pakistan Government Must Resolve Hundreds of Baluch "Disappearances," Says Amnesty International

WASHINGTON - February 25 - The Pakistani government must immediately act on its commitment to trace hundreds of Baluch victims of enforced disappearances, Amnesty International said today.

The human rights organization also calls on the United Nations to raise the issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan at the 10th session of the Human Rights Council (Geneva, March 2-27, 2009) to follow up on Pakistan's previous pledges to begin to resolve the issue.

Despite several pledges to resolve the country's crisis of "disappearances," Pakistan's new civilian government has not yet provided information about hundreds of cases of people believed to be held secretly by the government as part of the so-called war on terror, or in response to internal opposition, for instance in Baluchistan.

The Chief Minister of Baluchistan pledged in April 2008 that resolving the cases of Baluch disappearances would be a priority. In May 2008, Senator Babar Awan, the Secretary of the ruling Pakistan People's Party Reconciliatory Committee on Baluchistan, announced the creation of a committee headed by Nawabzada Haji Lashkri to trace "disappeared" persons of Baluchistan as part of its efforts to address Baluch grievances.

To date the government has not revealed the findings of its investigations or any actions it has taken to resolve the Baluch enforced disappearance cases.

According to press reports, on February 14, Interior Ministry Adviser Rehman Malik stated that the Baluchistan Chief Minister had given the government an "incomplete list of 800 ‘missing' people," of which 200 names on the list had been verified.

A hitherto unknown separatist group, the Baluchistan Liberation United Front (BLUF), on February 2, kidnapped John Solecki, head of the office of the U.N. High Commissioner of Refugees in Quetta.

The BLUF (not to be confused with the long established Baluchistan Liberation Front) claims that 6,000 Baluch activists have gone "missing." The BLUF also claims that 141 Baluch women are among the "disappeared." The group demanded their release in exchange for Solecki's return. The Pakistani government has denied the allegations.

Amnesty International condemns the kidnapping of John Solecki and calls for his immediate and unconditional release and points out that hostage-taking is a crime under international law.

Acts of enforced disappearance violate several provisions of Pakistan's Constitution, including freedom from arbitrary detention, the right to judicial overview of detentions and to human dignity and the prohibition of torture, as well as constituting criminal offences.

Pakistan has still not acted on its promise made in May 2008 that it would accede to International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.

At the meeting of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review of the U.N. Human Rights Council (UPR), on May 8, 2008, Pakistan's representatives declared that its security forces trained in international humanitarian law and were fully accountable. In a written statement in response to the UPR, the permanent representative "vowed to investigate" disappearances.

On several occasions, Amnesty International has called the government to account on this issue. In 2008, the organization used official court records and affidavits of victims and witnesses of enforced disappearances to show how government officials, especially from the country's security and intelligences agencies, were resorting to a variety of tactics to conceal enforced disappearance. These include: denying detention takes place and denying all knowledge of the fate and whereabouts of "disappeared" persons; refusing to obey judicial orders; concealing the identity of the detaining authorities, for example by transferring the "disappeared" to other secret locations, threatening harm or re-disappearance and leveling spurious criminal charges to conceal enforced disappearances

Amnesty International urges the Pakistani government to immediately resolve all acts of enforced disappearance; to ensure the immediate release of all persons held in secret detention unless they are transferred to official places of detention, charged with a recognizably criminal offence and remanded by an independent court; and to bring to justice officials found responsible. Victims, including families of those "disappeared," should be granted reparations in accordance with international standards.


Baluchistan has a history of insurgency with local groups advocating greater autonomy. Four waves of violent unrest took place in 1948, 1958-59, 1962-63 and 1973-77. In early 2005, tensions in Baluchistan again increased, with numerous clashes reported between security forces and Baluch tribesman. Local people in Baluchistan are demanding a bigger share of the revenue generated by the province's natural resources, principally natural gas, which they believe now benefit other provinces. A number of Baluchi groups are seeking more rights for the province. Some of these groups have resorted to violence, while others are campaigning peacefully. The Pakistani national government has attempted to suppress this opposition by increasing the military presence in the region. Many people have died at the hands of the security forces in extrajudicial executions and deaths in custody, and thousands of people are reported to have "disappeared." The confrontation between Baluch nationalists and the state is characterized by human rights abuses committed by all sides.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with more than 2.2 million supporters, activists and volunteers in more than 150 countries campaigning for human rights worldwide. The organization investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.

For more information, please see Amnesty's report, Denying the Undeniable: Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan at http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/ASA33/018/2008/en.


Rocket attack in Khuzdar, gas pipelines blown up in Dera Bugti and Quetta

Dera Bugti: Baloch Sarmachars blown up 18 inch diameter gas pipeline in Hazarganjee area of Quetta the capital city of occupied Balochistan. which resulted suspension of gas supply to surrounding areas.

Meanwhile Baloch Freedom fighters blown up a water supply pipeline in Dera Bugti. which entirly cut off the supply to Peer Koh purification plant.

Spokesman of Baloch Republican Army Mr. Sarbaz Baloch claimed responsbility of the attack on water supply pipeline and gas pipeline in a phone call to news agencies.

Meanwhile Spokesperson of BRA women wing Gohar Bibi claimed resposnibility of targeting a house of Punjabi settler in Killi Ismail Quetta with a remote detonated device.. in which one person was killed and three other injured. while the house were damaged heavily in the blast.

In a separate attack Baloch Sarmachars fired a rocket in Khuzdar from nearby mountains. which landed in a open area, and caused no harm to nayone. Some further explosion were also heard in Quetta.

Hand geranade blast damages house in Quetta

Quetta: A grenade explosion shattered window panes of a house and triggered fear among residents in Quetta city on Sunday.

Baloch Sarmachars on a motorcycle hurled a hand grenade at the house of Punjabi settlers Saeed Salim Bukhari and Saeed Asim bukhari in Phase II of Shahbaz Town area of Quetta, capital city of occupied Balochistan. In a result window panes of house shattered, However no loss of life has been reported so far. The explosion caused panic in the area.

Meanwhile a man was killed and another seriously injured when their tractor run over a landmine planted by unknown people.The incident happened near Goath Azmat khan area of Jafarabad district.

According to Asaappublications a little known Baloch organisation Lashkar-e-Balochistan phoned news agencies and claimed the responsibility for the attack on Saeed Salim Bukhar's house in Quetta. The caller Mr Lavang Khan Baloch further said that they will continue to fight against Punjabi occupation of Balohistan.

HRCP calls for commission to deal with enforced disappearances in Balochistan

LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called upon the government on Friday to immediately set up an independent commission to deal with the cases of enforced disappearance in Balochistan, and to aid the release of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) official John Solecki.

The commission said it had been three weeks since Solecki’s abduction, adding that each passing day increased apprehensions about his safety. It said the group responsible for his abduction had issued a list of 867 people, including over 100 women, who had been arrested without substantial evidence. It said another list of 138 women had also been released, which contained the addresses of 76 women with their dates of arrest. The group has demanded the release of all such people before letting go of Solecki, and regardless of the authenticity of the lists, the situation created due to the arrest of a large number of women was far more serious than it had previously been assumed, it added.

The commission demanded the government pay due importance to the feelings of the people of Balochistan, adding that this should be a top priority even after Solecki’s release.

It said the federal government must immediately set up an independent commission to investigate the cases of missing people in Balochistan, and must enforce the release of all those currently held under unauthorised detention. It said the independent commission must be empowered to summon any state employees. “Even before the commission is set up, it is essential that all state agencies disgorge anyone held in their custody if they cannot manifest the cause for holding him or her,” the commission said in a statement.

UN has no way to verify disappearance of Baloch people

United Nations (PTI): The United Nations has said it has no way to verify the reports about "enforced disappearance" of people from Baluchistan and reported rapes allegedly committed there by the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies personnel.

Spokesperson Michele Montas, however, said that the UN officials had definitely heard about the reports and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was aware of the matter.

Montas was asked about the reports from Reporters Sans Frontiers (Reporters without Borders) that the Red Cross Committee and the Hong Kong-Based human rights watchdog Asian Human Rights sent information about rapes of Baloch women by Pakistani army and intelligence men when they were in custody.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has once again appealed to the kidnappers of its staff member John Sloecki in Pakistan to immediately release him.

Solecki, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Quetta, was kidnapped during a February 2 attack in which his driver, Syed Hashim, was killed.

The UN had last week said it was seeking information on a group called the Baluchistan Liberation United Front, which on February 7 claimed in local media reports that it is holding Solecki.

On Tuesday, the UN urged the Baloch community leaders to continue their engagement and called on those holding Solecki to initiate direct contact so that dialogue can be started for his immediate safe recovery.

The UN chief also spoke over the weekend with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, and they agreed on the need to secure the safe and immediate release of Solecki, who has a medical condition requiring regular medication.

Ban, in a statement issued on Saturday, underscored the importance of the humanitarian work being undertaken by Solecki and stressed that no cause can be served by prolonging his abduction.

Gas pipeline and a pylone blown up in Dera bugti, and Dera Murad Jamali

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch Freedom fighters blown up a gas pipeline in Pirkoh area of Dera bugti with an explosive device on wednesday. which resulted suspension of gas supply to the purification plant said sources.

Meanwhile several villages in southern Balochistan plunged into darkness after Baloch Sarmachars blown up a 220KV Power pylon at Chether area of occupied Balochistan. Said sources.

Spokesman of Baloch Republican Army. Mr. Sarbaz Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack on gas pipeline and power pylon via phone call to news agencies from undisclosed location. We will not allow Pakistan for plundering Baloch resources. Our attacks will be continued on Pakistani forces and Pakistani Installations in occupied Balochistan. Said Mr. Sarbaz Baloch while talking to the media.

BLUF rejects UN request for direct talks over abducted official

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: The Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) has spurned a plea by the United Nations for direct negotiations for the release of John Solecki, the head of the UNHCR in Balochistan who was abducted two weeks ago.

Mir Shahak Baloch, who claimed to be the spokesman for the previously unheard-of BLUF, called reporters using a satellite phone from an undisclosed location and said the UN official’s health had worsened in the last few days.

He said the group had provided details of the missing persons to the government along with a video of John Solecki released last week.

“Instead of cooperating with us, the government is trying to move the missing persons to more secretive places. We want the UN to formulate a team and come to Balochistan to see the actual situation about the missing persons,” the BLUF spokesman said.

UN officials in Pakistan have been secretly in touch with leading Baloch nationalist and tribal leaders seeking their help for the release of the abducted official. A two-member team of the UN had unofficially called on veteran Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, 90, at his Karachi residence on Tuesday. Similarly, appeals have been made by Jamil Akbar Bugti, a son of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Sardar Akthar Mengal, a former chief minister of Balochistan and Hairbayar Marri, a son of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri.

Gas pipeline blown up in Dera Bugti, Supply to Purification plant suspended

Dera Bugti: Baloch Sarmachars blew up 16 inch diameter gas pipeline with explosive device in Pirkoh on Tuesday night, which resulted suspension of gas supply from Well NO 40. Said sources.
Meanwhile in another incident Baloch Sarmachars opened fire on Pakistani Intellegence agencies in Mand Market.

According to sources, two Pakistani intelegence personnel Shamsul Rehman and Ali Akbar were attacked by gunmen in Mand market, however both the personnels escaped unhurted in attack.

UNHCR team meets Nawab Marri for Solecki’s recovery

KARACHI: The United National High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has formally sought the help of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri for the safe recovery of abducted UNHCR head in Balochistan, John Solecki.

A UNHCR delegation, led by its country chief, called on the Baloch leader at his residence in Karachi on Tuesday evening.

None of the sides was willing to talk to the media, but Baloch Rights Council leader Abdul Wahab Baloch told journalists that Marri had made it clear that he neither had contact with the abductors, nor were they accessible.

“However, Nawab Marri has agreed to make an appeal to the kidnapper, through the media, to consider the matter on humanitarian grounds, as Solecki is reported to be seriously ill,” Wahab said

Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) released pictures and video of UN official John Soleki

Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) has released pictures and video of abducted UN official John Solecki and demanded the release of 141 women detainees within 72 hours.

Solecki, who was abducted on February 2 from Quetta, was apparently shown in a video aired by Geo News on Friday, calling for his release saying he was unwell.

The video shows close up the face of a blindfolded man, apparently that of John Solecki.

"This is a message to the United Nations. I am not feeling well, I am sick and in trouble. Please help solve the problems soon so I can gain my release," the person says.

It was not apparently clear if he was speaking under threat.

The video was shot on a mobile phone and delivered on a memory card to the television station.

It was not immediately clear when the video was taken.

BLUF demanded the release of 141 women detainees within 72 hours and to know the whereabouts of 6,000 missing people. 13.02.09

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9 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Marri area, a main gas pipeline blown up in Quetta.

At least nine Pakistani security personnel were killed and several wounded in different attacks in Kohistan Marri area of Balochistan, while a main gas pipeline was blown up in Kerani area of Quetta.

Baloch freedom fighters attacked Security forces team with rockets and other weapons in Tanoor area of Sibi, sources said that unknown armed men attacked Pakistani security forces convoy with rockets and other automatic weapons near Tanoor area, as a result seven Pakistani soldiers were killed and several others wounded in this attack. Baloch freedom fighters left the scene unharmed after the successful attack.

In another incident BLA fighters attacked Pakistani Patrolling team near Trimmar area of Kohlu, resulting the killing of two Pakistani soldiers on the spot.

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks, while talking to newsmen from an undisclosed location.
A main gas pipeline was destroyed after a bomb blast in Kerani area of Quetta, according to details Baloch freedom fighters blew up a gas pipeline in Kirani by planting an explosive device, suspending the gas supply to several area of Quetta.  13.02.09

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Musharraf still pulls the strings

The government of Pakistan says it wants peace in Baluchistan but supporters of the ousted dictator hold the real power

The latest Pakistani army massacre in occupied Baluchistan is further evidence that the democratic government of Pakistan is in office but not in power. The military is calling the shots. It is carrying on killing the Baluch people, against the wishes of the elected president, Asif Ali Zardari.

Last Tuesday, 3 February, in another brutal military operation, Pakistan army units fired at random into a wedding party in Baluchistan, killing 13 people including the bride and groom and injuring 21 others, most of them women, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission.

The massacre occurred near the town of Dera Bugti, which has been under Pakistani military occupation since 2002 and has been bombed repeatedly and indiscriminately by the Pakistani air force, using US-supplied F-16 aircraft and Cobra attack helicopters. The British government also supplies arms and components to the Pakistani military.

After the massacre, soldiers were seen taking away the dead in three military trucks. They sealed off the area to stop independent human rights observers entering and gathering evidence.

Initially, the Pakistani armed forces denied there had been any military operations in the Dera Bugti area, let alone any civilians killed. Now that news of the massacre has leaked out, they are insinuating that the dead and injured were involved in attacks on their soldiers. Since when do wedding parties consisting of large numbers of women stage insurgent uprisings?

This massacre is just the latest of many mass killings since independent Baluchistan was invaded, occupied and annexed by Pakistan in 1948 – against the wishes of the Baluch people.

The Asian Human Rights Commission calculates that 3,000 Baluch people have died, 200,000 have been displaced and more than 4,000 have been detained by the army and intelligence agencies.

In a particularly shocking incident in April 2008, in the same Dera Bugti area as this week's slaughter, four Baluch civilians were burned alive in hot coal tar by the Pakistan army.

Many similar war crimes and crimes against humanity are still happening in Baluchistan, despite the ousting last year of the dictator Pervez Musharraf and despite Pakistan's ostensible transition to democratic government.

Last May, the elected prime minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, publicly apologised for the persecution of the Baluch people and pledged to halt military assaults in Baluchistan:

It has been decided that no army action will be carried out in the province [of Baluchistan] until a strategy is formulated in consultation with representatives of the provincial government to deal with the issue of law and order in the province.

In September 2008, this commitment was repeated by Zardari. He pledged that military operations would be halted and that his government wanted reconciliation and a negotiated peaceful settlement to the 60-year conflict.

This has not happened because real power does not reside with the democratic, civilian government. Although Musharraf was ejected from the presidency in 2008, his placemen and allies in the army and the intelligence services are still running the show. They often subvert the wishes of the elected politicians. Their agenda is war, war, war.

To justify their prolific military spending and privileges, they seem determined to prolong the conflict in Baluchistan. Loyal to Musharraf and his militarist strategy, they show little interest in peace and reconciliation.

To many Baluchs and Pakistanis, it looks like the overthrow of Musharraf changed very little. He is still the puppet master, pulling the strings behind the scenes; out of office but not out of power. 09.02.09


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Charges are dropped against Hyrbiya Marri and Faiz Baluch

Hyrbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch cleared of using his UK home as a base to orchestrate overseas terrorist attacks.

Faiz Baluch, was accused of being a supporter of the  Baluch Liberation Army (BLA).

But a Woolwich Crown Court jury cleared him of five charges linked to terrorist offences.

He was cleared of possessing terrorist materials, two counts of collecting terrorist information, preparing terrorism and inciting acts of terrorism overseas, including murder.

Hyrbyair Marri,  who faced the same five charges, was also accused of links to the BLA.
He was cleared of possessing terrorist articles, one count of collecting terrorist information and preparing terrorism.
But the jury failed to return verdicts on the two further counts of inciting acts of terrorism overseas.

Prosecutors said the men used websites and telephone links to call on others to murder in the name of the separatist group.

They also gathered military information and a "hit list" of potential targets, including officials and judges who opposed their cause.

In their defence, the men said the prosecution was politically motivated and the men were simply calling on people in their homeland to protect themselves.

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC said the defendants were victims of an alliance between Britain and the Pakistani government under General Pervez Musharraf.

She said the men were arrested as part of the "war on terror" following the 9/11 attacks and that Mr Musharraf distorted the role of the BLA.

Baluch, of Mount Pleasant, Wembley, north-west London, claimed asylum after arriving in the UK in September 2002 without a passport, the court heard.
Since his application was turned down he has exhausted his right to appeal and must report monthly to immigration officials.

Married father-of-four Marri, of Heronsforde, Ealing, west London, holds a Pakistani passport and was granted leave to remain in the UK in March 2003. This was later extended.
Baluchistan, the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan, has seen an insurgency by BLA fighters calling for a separate state. 11.02.09

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Brahamdagh threatens to ‘repay’ PPP

* BRP leader says PPP has shown its real face by not ending military operation
* Says his party not linked to organisation that has kidnapped UNHCR official
* BRP workers protest against ‘missing’ leaders

By Malik Siraj Akbar

While hundreds of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) activists protested on Monday in front of the Quetta Press Club against the 'disappearance' of BRP Secretary General Dr Bashir Azeem Baloch, the BRP’s fugitive chief Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti pledged to 'repay' the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) for its 'brutal anti-Baloch policies' during its ongoing rule.

Bugti, a grandson of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, told a telephonic press conference at the Quetta Press Club he had previously predicted that the PPP government was unlikely to bring an end to the military operation in Balochistan. He said the “real designs” of the ruling party had now been exposed.

“The PPP has shown us its real face and done the worst it could do with the people of Balochistan. Now, it should wait and see how we repay the ruling party for the brutalities it has committed on our land since coming into power,” he said.

Bugti has been operating underground since he took to the hills along with his 79-year-old grandfather in 2005. While the senior Bugti was killed in a military operation, Brahamdagh, 27, has been leading the Baloch insurgency from an unknown location and runs the BRP. The Balochistan Republican Army, founded last year, rejects parliamentary politics and spouses the cause of an independent Balochistan.

Bugti rejected all forms of government offers for negotiation and reconciliation by saying that his struggle was not for provincial autonomy or ownership of the Baloch resources, as claimed by other nationalist leaders. The ultimate goal of the Baloch struggle, he said, was to seek national liberation.

He regretted the policies of the Balochistan government, headed by Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, whom he billed as “a man who does not deserve to be called Baloch or a son of the soil”.

UN official: Bugti said he did not know much about the Baloch Liberation United Front, which had accepted responsibility for the kidnapping of UNHCR official John Solecki. However, he added that his organisation did not support the kidnapping of foreigners and aid workers. “We have never kidnapped a foreigner nor will we do it in the future. Those who abducted the US citizen, with whom we have no links, can better explain their stance,” he said.

Protest: Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of the BRP protested on Monday in front of the Quetta Press Club against the disappearance of their central secretary general and Chakar Qambarani, a member of the BRP Central Committee. The protesters were carrying posters, banners and placards of 'the martyrs of the Baloch movement'. They chanted slogans against the government and gave an ultimatum of 72 hours to the government to ensure the release of their missing leaders.

Both the nationalist leaders went missing from Quetta on Friday.

“If the government does not bring our leaders to the surface within 72 hours, we will resort to the line of protest which we think suits our demands the best,” said Riaz Badani, a central BRP leader. “The government would be responsible if violence breaks out after the passage of the deadline set for the release of our leaders.”

Baloch and Qambarani are the first important Baloch leaders to go ‘missing’ since the restoration of democracy in the country and the ouster of former president Pervez Musharraf. The Baloch nationalists maintain that thousands of Baloch political workers and tribesmen went missing during Musharraf’s nine-year rule, which witnessed a deadly military operation in the province.

While the PPP government claims to have released a majority of the missing persons, the Baloch contend that a majority is still missing and the government has initiated a new phase of oppression of political opponents in order to muzzle political and social dissent in the province 10,02,09

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Seven FC soldiers were killed in Jaffarabad

Baloch Freedom fighter blew up FC vehicle with a remote control device in Adam pur near Jaffarabad, as a result 7 FC soldiers were killed and several injured.

According to sources two FC vehicles were heading towards Uch when BRA fighters targeted them with an IED, the blast damaged Both vehicles, which resulted killing of 7 FC personnel and injuring scores of others.

Sarbaz Baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attack. 09.02.09

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BLA attacks Quetta Cantt with rockets, one killed three injured

According to details Baloch freedom fighters attacked Quetta cantonment on Saturday, sources told that nice rockets were fired on Quetta Cantt area form unknown direction.

The rockets, were fired in the afternoon, one rocket hit an army vehicle, as a result a soldier of the Pakistani army was killed and three others were wounded, killed one soldier, identified as Hawaldar Zubair, and injured Asif, Khalid and Sadiq

Two rockets hit Khalid Airbase,  Two rockets landed and exploded in the parking area of the camp damaging several army vehicles. The windowpanes of the near by buildings were smashed, Said sources .

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for rocket attacks.

Meanwhile Baloch freedom fighters attacked police patrolling team near Mach, according to reports BRA fighters targeted and attacked police vehicle with rockets and other automatic weapons, consequently one policeman was killed and several others were injured.

While Baloch freedom fighters blew up a gas pipeline which was supply gas to Sui purification plant, supply of gas has been suspended after the blast,

BRA spokesman Sarbaz Baloch claimed responsibility for the attacks.  08.02.09

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Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) claimed responsibility for the abduction of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The private news agency Online said the Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF), a secular and nationalist guerrilla organization in Balochistan, had claimed responsibility for the abduction of the local head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

John Solecki, an American national, was snatched on Monday after unknown gunmen shot dead his driver in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

The BLUF, which is seeking separation of the Pakistan's natural resources rich but poverty-stricken province, said the UN official was abducted to bring the plight of the people of Balochistan to the UN's attention.

'We have set three demands for the release of Mr Solecki,' Mir Shehek Baloch, who claimed to be a BLUF spokesman, told Online newswire via satellite phone from an undisclosed location.

'We want the UN to secure the release of 141 Baloch women held in the torture cells of Pakistan's intelligence agencies, provide information about our 6,000 missing comrades, and resolve the issue of the independence of Balochistan under Geneva Convention,' he said.

The  BLUF spokesman said Solecki was abducted to protest UN negligence over the issue of Balochistan.
'If our demands are not met, Mr Solecki can lose his life,' he warned.

Baloch nationalists are struggling for years for separation of the Balochistan from Pakistan
They started an armed campaign in 2005 when the government of President Pervez Musharraf launched a military operation to quell the rebellion. The insurgency has claimed hundreds of lives and several power and communication installations destroyed or damaged.

'We want to bring to the attention of UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon that Pakistan has enslaved Balochistan politically, culturally and socially. But Baloch forces have rebelled against it over the years and this struggle continues even today,' said Shehek Baloch 07.02.09

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One FC man killed and seven wounded in Dera Bugti, Two gas pipelines blown up in Quetta and Dera Bugti

According to details unidentified people blew up a gas pipeline near the Western bypass in Quetta.
Sources said that an18 inch gas pipeline was blown up in Sardar Karez area along Western by pass onThursday. Due to damage to the pipeline a vast area was affected and supply was discontinued to Ziarat, Pishin, Mastung and Kalat. Supply was also suspended to Habibullah Coastal Power House

Meanwhile unknown persons also blew up 18-inch diameter gas pipeline near Pir Koh in Dera Bugti area. Supply of gas to Sui plant was suspended.

In another attack BLA fighters blew up an ISI agent’s vehicle with a powerful explosion in Mach, however no loss of life has been reported in this attack so far.

While Baloch freedom fighters blew up FC vehicle with a landmine in Zain Koh area of Dera Bugti, according to details One Frontier Corps (FC) soldier was killed and seven  were injured when their vehicle hit a landmine which went off in Zain Koh area of Dera Bugti district on Thursday, Said sources. They said unknown men had planted the landmine in the area and FC vehicle hit the landmine, which exploded with loud sound. as a result one killed and seven FC men in the vehicle got injured.

BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) and BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks  06.02.09

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Six personnel of a private company survey team abducted by BLA

According to details, six personnel of a private company were surveying for oil and gas in Margat area of Mach Balochistan, when unknown persons itercepted their vehicle and drove them to an uknown location.

The abducted were identified as namely Abdul Kahir, Monshi Zaffarullah, Asif Khan, Ali Mohammad, Ghulam Abbas and driver Noorullah.

A spokesperson of the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) Bevragh Baloch claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the six workers.

We won't allow Pakistani Govt to plunder our national wealth, Said Bevragh Baloch.

We will carry out attack on those companies wether Pakistani or international who launch exploration of Oil, Gas or any mieral wealth in Balochistan. He added 04.02.09

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Five Punjabi Settlers were gunned down in Balochistan

Four Punjabi settlers were gunned down in a attack in Noskhi on Tuesday, sources said, the victims, all belonging to the Punjab provinces, were returning their homes from a shop when the assailants attacked them, as a result four of them were killed on the spot while one wounded seriously.

In another attack a man was killed in Mastung on Tuesday evening, who was identified as Jamil Ahmed from Punjab province.

Sarbaz baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Attacks on Punjabi settlers are response of killings of innocent Baloch in Dasht Goran in Sui. He added. 04.02.09

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9 innocent Baloch were killed by Pakistani forces in Sui

Firing at a wedding ceremony killed at least nine persons including the bride and the bridegroom in Dasht e Goran area of Sui onTuesday, Locals said.

Local tribesmen told that Pakistani security forces surrounded and opened fire at the ceremony at Dasht Goran the town of Sui

Several people were also wounded in this attack. The town of Sui is famous for having the huge natural gas reservoir and the Baloch are battling with occupying Pakistani forces for freedom of Balochistan 04.02.09

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Bomb explosion wounds sixteen including security personnel in Dera Murad, Gas pipeline blown up in Dera Bugti

According to reports reaching here, unknown people had planted explosive device with a motorbike parked at Mazdoor Chowk which exploded with a big bang when a security vehicle was passing near it.
The bomb in the motorbike was detonated by remote control, said sources As a result, 16 people were injured including four security personnel.

In another attack BRA fighters blew up a gas pipeline in Dera Bugti
According to details Baloch freedom fighters blew up a pipeline supplying gas to the Sui Purification Plant in Dera Bugti on Sunday, sources said that unknown men planted explosive devices under the pipeline, which went off with a huge bang and destroyed a main portion of the pipeline. As a result gas supply to purification plant suspended after the blast.

Sarbaz Baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks, while talking to newsmen from an undisclosed location via satellite phone. Our attacks will be continue on occupying Pakistani forces and their informers. He added

Meanwhile unidentified attackers attacked a police checkpost in Chandani Chowk in Khuzdar with a grenade, as a result one killed . 02.02.09

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Four FC personnel killed in Bolan

A powerful remote controlled bomb exploded when a Frontier Corps FC vehicle was passing there, on Thursday morning. FC truck carrying personnel totally destroyed, killing four and injuring several
According to details, a powerful explosive device went off when a FC vehicle was passing over it in Ampadag area of Bolan  district. The explosion was so powerful it tore the vehicle into peices 

According to local people, at least 14 FC personnel were in the truck at the time of the blast, 4 of them were killed on the spot, while about 10 soldiers were wounded seriously

Bevragh Baloch, spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is worth mentioning that such attacks have become a matter of routine all over Balochistan. Mostly of the attacks have targeted military, paramilitary and government installations.  31.01.09

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A gas pipeline and a power pylon blown up in Quetta and Rakni

According to details Baloch freedom fighters blew up a gas pipeline in Sona khan Thana Quetta, sources said unknown men planted explosive device under the pipeline, which went off with a big bang and destroyed a big portion of pipeline, as a result gas supply has been suspended to several areas in Quetta.

Meanwhile BLA fighters blew up a power pylon in Rakhi, a huge pylon of the high power transmission line near Rakhni was blown up on Wednesday, suspending electricity to a vast area.

According to sources, the explosive device was planted around the  transmission line in Rakhni, the explosion destroyed the pylon completely.

In a separate attack Pakistani army patrolling team attacked by BLA fighters when they were patrolling near Karmu Wadh area of Kohistan Marri. As a result 3 soldiers were killed on the spot while several injured.

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks while talking to media from an unknown location. 29.01.09

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Three Pakistani soldiers killed by Baloch freedom fighters in Dera Bugti

According to details, Pakistani soldiers were patrolling in the area when they came under attack, as a result 3 Pakistani soldiers dead on the spot, while three wounded.

Meanwhile in a separate attack BRA fighter destroyed Loti Gas field well NO3 and a Pipeline.

According to sources Baloch Baloch freedom fighters planted explosive devices under pipeline and in Loti gas field well No3. Explosions resulted destruction of the well and a pipeline, which was supplying gas from Loti field to Sui purification plant.

Sarbaz Baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attack, while talking to newsmen from an undisclosed location. 28.01.09

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BLA fighter gunned down an ISI agent in Kohlu

According to details Baloch freedom fighters attacked two Unknown gunmen shoot dead an ISI agent in Kohlu on Friday.

According to details, Haq Nawaz Marri and Ayub Marri working for the intelligence agencies were came under attack in Kohlu.

Locals said that two gunmen riding a motorcycle opened automatic fire killing Haq Nawaz on the spot, and leaving Ayoub Marri wounded It is to be noted that attacks on police personnel, ISI agents, informers and army men has increased in Balochistan after the three armed groups BLA, BRA and BLF have ended their four-months ceasefire

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attack 24.01.09

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Zarina Marri still missing
Saturday, 24 January 2009, 12:57 pm
Press Release: Asian Human Rights Commission
January 23, 2009 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission


PAKISTAN: Zarina Marri has been missing along with 429 persons since December 2005 The Asian Human Rights Commission has received further details in the case of Ms. Zarina Marri, a 23-year-old schoolteacher from Balochistan province, who has been held incommunicado in an army torture cell at Karachi, the capital of Sindh province and used as a sex slave, please see our statement; http://www.ahrchk.net/statements/mainfile.php/2009statements/1843/

The officials of the education department of Kahan have disclosed that Ms. Marri was a teacher at a government middle school in Kahan, Kohlu district, she was registered as Zarina Bi Bi and she was trained as a Junior Vocational Teacher. She was among those people who were transferred from Kohlu, Kahan, Sibi, Hernai, Much, Kohlo, Dera Bugti, Sabsilla, Bhambhoor, Loti, Dhaman, Pir Koh, Spin, Tangi, Babar Kach, Tandori and Sangan of the Balochistan province during December 2005 and July 2006 when the military government of the then President/General Musharraf was using aerial bombardments to defuse the nationalist movement of Balochistan against the construction of cantonment areas

On 14 December 2005, paramilitary troops accused the people of the area of firing eight rockets at a paramilitary base on the outskirts of the town of Kohlu, a stronghold of the Marri tribe, while President Pervez Musharraf was visiting it. After the visit of Presiden http://www.ahrchk.net/ua/mainfile.php/2006/1872/ dated July 21, 2006.

After some days around 429 persons left the Kahan, district Kohlu, and migrated towards Dera Ghazi Khan district, Punjab province, Zarina Marri and her parents were also among the caravan. Since then there is no trace of the caravan of 429 persons. After some months people tried to search the missing people and some army officers deputed at the Kohlu district told the people of the area that so many persons were killed in the fighting between the government forces and militants and also in aerial bombardments. But after the revelation from Mr. Munir Mengal, managing director of Baloch language television channel, to Reporters without Frontiers (RSF) that Zarina Baloch was in military torture cell at Karachi and was forced in to sexual slavery, the concern of the people of Kohlu, Kahan, and Dera Bugti has risen about the people of the 429 persons which includes more than 70 women, including many young women, who may be used as sex slaves by the Pakistan military.

The government of Pakistan has still not initiated any serious efforts to investigate the case of Ms. Zarina Marri, despite, of continuous demonstrations in several parts of the country including, Islamabad, capital of country for the recovery of Zarina Marri from the military torture cell at Karachi and halting the business of making young Baloch women work as sex slaves by the Pakistan army. The government’s ignorance of the serious crimes by the military officers during Musharraf’s regime is evidence for the people in the country that the present government still does not have the power to investigate the military misdoings.

The case of Miss Zarina Marri has ignited the narrow nationalist and secessionist feelings of the ethnic Baloch nation which can easily turn into a bloody mutiny against the state if the cases of sex slavery by the military torture cells are not investigated. The Asian Human Rights Commission urges the government to initiate a probe for the recovery of 429 people who are missing since December 2005. The government should also bring the persons who made Marina Marri work as a sex slave before the law regardless of how powerful they are or whether they are military persons. 24.01.09

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A main gas pipeline blown up in Dera Allahyaar

According to details Baloch freedom fighters blew up an 18-inch diameter gas pipeline in Dera Allahyar on Thursday. As a result the supply of gas to Quetta and surrounding areas were suspended following a blast caused by explosive planted near the pipeline by Baloch freedom fighters

Sources said that Gas pipeline caught fire after the blast, which damaged the electricity wires also.

Sarbaz Baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attack, while talking to newsmen via satellite phone from an undisclosed location 23.01.09

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Five shot dead in Balochistan by BLA for spying

According to details BLA fighters shot dead four informers in Kalat, when they were standing at a shop, where they came under attack. Sources told that unknown armed men opened firing on them, as a result three of them were dead on the spot while another dead in hospital.

In an another attack a bank manager of Habib Bank Limited was killed early on Tuesday, according to locals unidentified men on a motorcycle opened fire on manager in the vicinity of Sariab road Quetta , consequently he dead on the spot. The victim was identified as Attiq Ahmed Qureshi.

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks, they were ‘spying’for Pakistani intelligence agencies, they were warned several times before to stop working for agencies, but they took our warning lightly. He added 21.01.09

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Six Pakistani soldiers were killed and several injured in Balochistan

According to details Baloch freedom fighters attacked Pakistani army vehicles near Pirsmail with rockets and other automatic weapons, resulting destroying a vehicle completely as a result at least six soldiers have been killed and several others wounded, two other vehicles also been destroyed in this attack.

Meanwhile Baloch freedom fighters attacked Pakistani army camp with rockets in Kahan, the rockets hit the camp and destroyed it , consequently scores of Pakistani soldiers were injured.

In another incident BLA fighters blew up railway track near Noshki, as a result railway service suspended between Quetta and Zahedan.

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks, while talking to newsmen from an undisclosed location.

In another attack the BRA fighters blew up a main gas pipeline in Dasht Goran near Dera Bught, according to sources armed men planted explosive device near the pipeline, which went off with a huge bang, gas pipeline caught after the blast, as a result gas supply has been suspended to plant.

The BRA (Baloch Republican Army) spokesman Sarbaz Baloch claimed responsibility for the attack. 20.01.09

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Four Pakistani soldiers killed in Dera Bugti

Four Pakistani soldiers and a shopkeeper were killed in a remote-controlled bomb explosion in Dera Bugti on Wednesday.

According to details BRA fighters targeted Pakistani army vehicle with an IED, sources told that the bomb planted in the Sui Colony, targeted a vehicle carrying Pakistani army soldiers.

The explosion turned the vehicle into pieces, as a result four soldiers were killed and six others seriously wounded. The dead two soldiers identified as Abdul Khaliq and Muhammad Ahmed. The other two soldiers could not be identified.

BRA spokesman Sarbaz Baloch told media that the soldiers had gone to the Sui bazaar to remove posters of great Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti.

He apologised for the civilian death saying it was unintentional. We would like to appeal to the people of Balochistan to stay away from the checkposts and vehicles of the police, FC and the military, because they are our main targets,” he said.            15.01.09

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A main Gas pipeline blown up in Quetta, Hand-greenad attack in Police constable house

BLA fighters blew up 18 inch diameter gas pipeline near Karani Crossing on Tuesday in Quetta,

According to details Baloch freedom fighters blew up a main gas pipeline with an explosive device.

After the blast gas pipeline caught fire and disrupting gas supply to Quetta, Pishin, Qalat, Ziarat , Mastung and other areas of Balochistan .

“The repair work of damaged pipeline will be completed within 48 hours,” General Manager Sui Southern Gas Company Mushtaq Siddiqui said.

Bevragh Baloch spokesman for the BLA (Baloch liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attack

Meanwhile Baloch freedom fighters threw a hand grenade in a police constable house in Railway Guards Colony located on Joint Road in Quetta on Tuesday, police sources said.

According to locals, the constable was identified as Sabir. The explosion ripped through the windows panes while the walls also received damages. However, no loss of life reported in the explosion. 14.01.09

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A complete strike was observed in Balochistan

A complete shutter down and wheel-jam strike was observed on Tuesday in Balochistan, on a call by the Baloch National front (BNF) Injuman Ittehad Marri, and other Baloch nationalist organisations. The strike has been called to protest the continued detention of Baloch Leader Hyrbiyar Marri and Faiz Balochi in Britain, shopping centres and other shops remained closed, while no traffic were seen on highways.

A complete shutter-down strike was observed in Khuzdar, Kalat, Naushki, Dhadar, Kharan, Hub and Mashkay. Baloch activists blocked traffic on the Quetta-Karachi Highway and the Kalat Highway for several hours

At a number of places in Quetta there was hide and seek between police and protesters. Police fired dozens of tear gas shells on protesters. While Pakistani Police opened indiscriminate firing on peaceful protesters as a result a worker of Marri Ittehad injured in Quetta. After this attacked protesters also damaged 1 police vehicle by throwing stones. 14.01.09

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16 Baloch parties write letter to Brown

Sixteen Baloch nationalist parties and organisations have written a joint letter to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown requesting him for withdrawal of cases registered against Nawabzada Harbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch,14 months back in UK.

This letter has been written by Anjuman-i-Ittihad Marri, Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Balochistan National Party (BNP), National Party (NP), Baloch National Front (BNF), Baloch National Movement (BNM), Baloch Watan Movement (BWM), Baloch National Congress (BNC) Baloch Women Panel (BWP), Baloch Bar Association (BBA), Baloch Rights Council (BRC) and different groups of Baloch Students Organisation (BSO).

Revealing contents of the letter in a Press conference here on Saturday, President Baloch National Congress, Doctor Hakeem Lehri said that rulers had always responded to Baloch demands for national rights through peaceful resistance by resorting to military drive. 11.01.09

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Baloch protest trial of nationalist leaders in London

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Over a dozen Baloch organisations on Saturday took out a protest rally in Quetta to condemn the United Kingdom for trying two Baloch nationalist leaders in London on terrorism charges.

The protesters chanted slogans against the Pakistani and the United Kingdom governments and demanded withdrawal of terrorism charges against Nawabzada Harbiyar Marri, son of leading Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, and his friend Faiz Baloch.

The protesters belonged to the BNP, National Party (NP), Baloch Republican Party, Balochistan National Congress, Balochistan National Movement, Baloch Women’s Panel and several other political, legal, social and women’s rights organisations.

Talking to reporters, Balochistan National Party (BNP) General Secretary Habib Jalib said that Harbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch were being tried under charges levelled by the Musharraf government.

Jalib said that the Baloch had been resisting political, economic and cultural domination of Pakistan through ‘peaceful means’. Harbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch are currently under trail at Colwich Crown Court on the charges of inciting violence in Pakistan. 11.01.09

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Protest in front of UK Deputy-High Commission

Activists of the Baloch National Front (BNF) protested in front of British Deputy High Commission on Friday against the arrest of two Baloch nationalists under the terrorism act in the United Kingdom.

According to the protestors, Faiz Baloch, Human Rights Activist; and Hyrbiyar Marri, Nationalist Leader; were arrested under false statements. They condemned their arrest and demanded immediate acquittal without charge. They claimed that these two activists were under detention for the last four months and now they are on bail which is not enough.

The protesters were holding pictures of the detained activists, banners and placards for immediate release of the Baloch activists. They held a sit-in in front of the British Deputy High Commission and also handed over a memorandum to the British officials in this regard. 10.01.09

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Gas pipelines blown up near Sui

Baloch freedom fighters blew up two main gas pipelines in Sui area on Wednesday.

According to details BRA fighters had planted explosive devices under the gas pipelines which went off with huge bang, an destroyed the pipelines, as a result gas supply has been suspended after the explosions.

Sarbaz Baloch spokesman for the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks via phone call to newsmen 09.01.09

No compromise on Baloch rights: BRP, Anjuman Ittehad Marri

Anjuman Ittehad Marri and Baloch Republican Party have announced that no compromise would be made on the national rights of the Baloch people and stated that state despite using all methods failed to suppress the political movement.

Ittehad Marri and BRP held separately meetings in New Kahan and Sariab road on Tuesday to commemorate the death anniversary of the Kalat martyrs and the speakers vowed to continue the struggle to accomplish the martyrs' mission.

Saifullah Marri, Mohammad Alam Pirkani, Naseer Qambrani and Bohar Baloch of Marri Ittehad, Raiz Baloch of BRP and Zakir Majid of BSO (Azad) addressed the gatherings.

Speakers paid rich tributes to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives to achieve national rights for the Baloch people and maintained that the usurpers who have been looting Balochistan's resources were using state apparatus to subdue the voices of the freedom fighters but were unsuccessful.

They asserted that Baloch masses have rendered great sacrifices in the national struggle against the usurpers to protect the motherland.

They urged the Baloch to struggle on a united platform to defeat the enemies and stated that sons of the soil must differentiate between friends and foes in the struggle. Speakers assured the participants that they would be successful in their struggle adding that the best tribute to the martyrs was to accomplish the objective for which they had laid down their lives.           08.01.09

Source                 http://www.dawn.net

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Refugee 'acted in self-defence

Refugee 'acted in self-defence' Mr Baluch and his co-defendant were charged under the Terrorism Act A refugee accused of calling from his London base for attacks in Pakistan was acting in "self-defence", a court has heard.

Faiz Baluch, 27, from Wembley, was calling for self-defence on behalf of his native Balochistan, a province seeking independence from Pakistan.

His lawyer, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, said he was not a terrorist but a "victim of geopolitics".

Mr Baluch and his co-defendant Hyrbyair Marri, 40, of Ealing, deny the charges. Both men are alleged members of the Baloch Liberation Army. They are accused of using websites and telephone links to call on others to kill in the name of the banned organisation.

Woolwich Crown Court had previously heard the organisation was behind a series of bomb attacks on Pakistani government targets.

'Problematic concept'

Baroness Kennedy described Mr Baluch as a victim of an alliance between Britain and the Pakistani government under its former president, General Pervez Musharraf, following the 9/11 attacks in the US.

She said: "Musharraf, an undoubted dictator, called the Baloch terrorists. "And it is Faiz Baluch's case that the British government were drawn into that distortion purely for political reasons because Britain, like America, at the time, wanted Pakistan on side in the war on terror.

His case to you is that the Baloch people are entitled to defend themselves against brute violence, death and destruction Baroness Helena Kennedy QC "He will tell you that he believes he is a casualty of geopolitics. He is a casualty of that allegiance."

Baroness Kennedy said that after US President George Bush declared a war on terror, the problem of who was deemed to be a terrorist was highlighted.

Describing terrorism as a "problematic concept", she told the jury people seeking democracy are called terrorists by tyrants and cited the example of Nelson Mandela, who was labelled a terrorist by South Africa's apartheid government. Baroness Kennedy said although Mr Baluch was a Muslim, his religion had nothing to do with his political beliefs about Balochistan, which borders Afghanistan.

Insurgents have been fighting for independence in the gas-rich Balochistan. It is the poorest of Pakistan's provinces and Baloch nationalists accuse the central government of exploiting their resources and treating the province like a colony.

'Entitled to resist'

Baroness Kennedy said Mr Baloch believed his people were suffering horrifying abuses of human rights.

"His case to you is that the Baloch people are entitled to defend themselves against brute violence, death and destruction... what he is saying to you is that if your survival is at stake you are entitled to defend yourself," she told the jury.

"If the Germans had marched into Britain we would have been entitled to resist." The court heard Mr Baluch's life story before he fled to the UK in 2002.

A series of events, including the arrest of his father, led to him fearing for his life and he sought asylum in the UK. He was refused asylum and appealed the decision, but that application was also dismissed in 2003.

It was while in London attending demonstrations attempting to highlight the plight of people in Balochistan that he met his co-defendant, the jury heard.

The trial continues. 05.01.09


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Baloch Liberation Army announced to end one sided ceasefire via phone call to news agencies.

Bevrag Baloch Spokesman of BLA said. That during our one sided ceasefire Pakistani forces continued genocide of Baloch Nation all over Balochistan. If we do not retaliate then there will be no mean of our existence.

Bevrag urged Baloch nation to join the Baloch army to defend our Motherland

. Last year all Baloch armed Organisations announced one sided ceasfire and we acted positively upon it. But Pakistani army took the ceasefire as an opportunity to expand the military operations to Gwadar, Turbat, new kahan, Dera Bugti and Mashky. where they killed innocent women and children.

The purpose of our ceasefire was to assure Baloch nation that it makes no difference for enemy if Baloch nation get unarmed and use peaceful means of struggle. But that will make the job of our enemy easy to loot our resources, and the enemy will continue genocide of Baloch nation. Our one sided ceasefire proved that enemy only need our resources and our land. They don’t need Baloch nation. Said Bevrag Baloch.

During our one sided ceasefire Pakistani forces attacked New Kahan Quetta and Turbat killed women and children. From last few days offensive operation is continue in Dera Bugti and surrounding areas where hundreds of innocent Balochs arrested by Pakistani forces, killed and injured women and children. If we don’t reply to enemy then there will be no mean of our existence. He added.

While talking to media Bevrag said that we have two paths, one is two accept slavery and second is to take up arms and defend our Motherland and resources. We have announced ceasefire for the benefit of Baloch nation and ended also for the benefit of Baloch Nation. Baloch nation is our power. For them our struggle will continue.

We appeal to Baloch nation to join the Baloch armed forces and defend our Motherland. he added. 05.01.09

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